Sour Guy’s doing well! Trying to balance grad school and writing music. Some new tunes are forming so hopefully an EP will be released sometime in 2016. Also, they’ll be a new Sour Guy track on this year’s Group Picture. I wrote it last weekend, and now drinking tons of cold stuff. Things are good.


Brave enough to chase some silly dreams / Dumb enough to think it’ll all work out.

i hear voices

In the last 24 hours I’ve heard new Sour Guy and new Weston Bookhouse songs and this is how I feel. V excited for GP5!

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What’s the point of home recording?

killed a minute with your christian mother


What happened in Canada

Never telling!! Only thing we can reveal about that is after it all occurred Walter was so relieved to be alive and safe that he “went to town” at Jack in the Box at 5am and tipped the drive thru lady $10…

Spartan of chill (photos by AJ Wilson @constantmildcruelty) 

So that $5 WMAHMO shirt sale brought in WAY more orders than expected. While this is a good problem to have, we are completely swamped with orders in our little basement. So to anyone who is waiting for their shipment- it’s coming after the weekend! Thank you for your buddhist patience and remembering this is MNE, not Capital Records…

Mystery band plays mystery show

So WMAHMO has announced a NorCal show on 12/11/15 at 924 Gilman st. with a bunch of friends! Check out the fb event page!

Would Milk draw me a tattoo if I asked nicely?

what do you have in mind? you also know that i do none of the drawn artwork?

But your final reward will be heart ache and tears, if you’ve cheated the man in the glass. Great film, great premier guys! @thedenimdemon @life_of_rileyhayes

Milk Flud - Research Chemical (live)

don’t want to call it a song, settling on interlude. 

Welp, those shirts sold out fast! Thanks everyone! Gunna ship them out on Monday.

Hey! We only have a few of these shirts left, so we are putting the last of them up for sale in the MNE STORE for $5 a shirt! Is this a good business move? Who knows, but if you have ever wanted one of these WMAHMO shirts, get it now, because we probably won’t make them again. 

Yo you guys need to come to the UK at some point, I need some MNE in my life fo real

Amen!! There has been plenty of times that we had nearly no money but somehow still pulled off US tours and road trips… So I’m sure we’ll do the same in the UK / Europe (or Australia, always wanted to get down there) relatively soon! Do us a favor and tell a couple friends about MNE or any of the artists so that getting across the pond is a bit more feasible!

Sunday Night Salad - Season 2 Finale - ft. LADY WOLF

Happy Halloween - party at the Fishbowl tonight - @milkflud at 4726 se 28th ave - SNS season finale tomorrow.