Does Benny poop?

Honestly not sure.

And all your easy days made you chronically plagued by indecision.

Hey milk where did you get that sick skull t shirt?

I actually found it in a thrift store and got it for crawford for his birthday and then 3 years later he found the same exact one at a different store! now isn’t that something? we like to wear them together when we go out #gravediggercrew 

Sunday Night Salad Season 2 coming this fall. Photo: Allix Johnson

Ryan Harper has some new heat up, definitely worth a look. I think he’s in his “blue” era. I wonder what era i’m in? 

“deep clean diet pills”

man whistling in the stall next to me 

@milkflud on instagram for the loop 

Whatever happened to the turkey jerkey?

kid sold out and got a picture taking phone caller. talks a lot about going back to the turkey jerky but never does. talks a lot about doing many things but never does. 

Fishbowl Session - WALTER ETC. - “Every Lousy Paradise” 

Fishbowl Session - WINTER BREAK - “Folk Song”

milk flud says hey let her loop for a while (@milkflud on instagram) 

“a film about a mailman” 

Fishbowl Session - GET MARRIED - “Breeze”

Fishbowl Session - WESTON BOOKHOUSE - “Umpqua”  

Fishbowl Session - NEVER YOUNG - “Latex Heart”

Fishbowl Session - HAPPY DIVING - “Untitled” 

Does every order off making new enemies get a letter from you guys?

Not gunna say yes… but definitely not gunna say no… Does every day come with a sun and moon? Somewhere… 

Fishbowl Session - DICK DIVER - Waste The Alphabet 

You feel me though?

the ever elusive Bleeding Gums Murphy played me a new something when I was in the the bay a couple weeks ago, then i added some footage i took from walking around that day and combined forces. will we hear more from him soon? is there actually a difference between drawing someone in a coffee shop and filming someone in public? 


we haven't heard much about bleeding gums murphy. where in the world is he?

he’s in the Bay Area these days, how about I post a song and video of his right now? 

Any chance of any new Daydream Dystopia being released? Hell, ill settle for a caboose or laminated walter single. Just in need of some stoney beach vibes

Hopefullly. Thanks for asking. It may not be under the name Daydream Dystopia though because Soapbox is in jail, Patch Corduroy is dying, and Wally Hemingway might give up the drums to a real drummer and stick to drumming for Walter. But believe me theres songs brewing.