woah how good looking is Blowout? 

Peep the store for the cover and track listing for their debut LP “No Beer, No Dad”. Out August 5th (!!!) and presales soon halllleulujah! 

Also, Lauren Records repressed their EP on tape which you can grab here: http://www.lauren-records.com/products/551104-blowout-we-all-float-down-here-cs

Put up a few more pics from last winter in MNE’s endless disposable photo archive JERK SEASON. Peace and doobies.

Tonight’s Fishbowl Session features spunky Corvallis, OR duo Drag Rag, busting out the kazoo and making a general ruckus of our living room last christmas. Enjoy!

do u guys like hockey?

Used to play roller hockey from like 6 to 12, rocked a Maple Leaves hat when I was 17 and watched Ducks games, Milk was friends with Wayne Gretzky’s son and still quotes him sometimes, so ya to that extent we like hockey…

So we’ve been storing up a handful of fishbowl sessions since last Christmas, and now I figure we’ll start releasing one every sunday at 5 pm (mne time) until we run out! 

To kick this off here is a keystone of the mne folk catalogue, WESTON BOOKHOUSE doing his second fishbowl sesh in celebration of his new EP Fog and Farewell. Happy spring, friends and new enemies.

How many sabbaticals do you need?

Are Walt, Francis, and Arthur the same person? Or very similar looking white guys?

Very similar looking white guys. Common misconception!

Hey last month Walter Etc. did a nice little interview / performance for LIVING ROOM PODCAST. We were pretty hungover from a night out in Costa Mesa and I remember the interviewer’s voice was so soothing that I wanted to take a nap right there on the couch. Check it out HERE. Imagine Serial but without any crime.

Weston Bookhouse t’s in the store now for only $10! I believe they are working on a new LP soon….

Richmond, VA’s Teen Death came by a few weeks ago and did a Fishbowl Session! Check it out!

Re-Upped on Ali Muhareb tapes, ahh forgot how good this is! 

Grab one from the store or one of his shows if yr local and please excuse my dirty synth, I am moving my “studio” and dust and what not be getting everywhere. 

Anyways hit the store so we can continue making/putting out stuff!

 Ali Muhareb - Existentially Wasted 

MNE pseudo-journalist Arthur Might reports on a Bernie Sanders rally, yet in this realm of professionalism can’t help but reflect on his own career. 

This bad boys have been restocked in the store!

MNE has been known to nature

Remember me to the girl who lives there

A video posted by @makingnewenemies on

“Arthur feels the Bern” an mne exclusive coming soon.

“Blowout - No Beer, No Dad” LP! Split release with the infamous Lauren Records. Since I was very young I wanted to put out a record that I thought was  great and now is that time. 

In other news I might have bed bugs :) 

Today’s 5v5 w/ @mildura_ , @imgladitstheband and our coach @cavistapes. Good people, good game.

Had a very chill mne open mic at the fishbowl last night. Here’s the godfather @milkflud reading a poem that made my jaw drop.

Arthur Might out here at the Bernie rally for MNE news, posted up between CNN and NBC.