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This celebrity (Russell - singer / guitarist of Weston Bookhouse) recently answered a few questions for MNE about his new EP Fog and Farewell. Read the interview here and get to know *the Real Russell Park*. 

hi! can i join your wagon? i can send you tunes or other shenanigans i make

Always down to hear/see new stuff! Hit like you hit the snooze button.

The first release by Ménage à Sabre is up now for free/donation based download! This duo of Sam Evans (vocals, guitar) and the legendary Toast (all other instruments, production) takes the slop sound of Walter Mitty and His Makeshift Orchestra and evolves it to a whole new level. Very stoked on this. Enjoy!

Happy Sunday people! Let’s take a second to reflect on the sloppy things that happened this week in the MNE world…

- Weston Bookhouse released Fog and Farewell! A beautiful folk EP about traveling the US and dodging the corporate world. If it’s your first listen I’d suggest either the first or last track on the EP. 

- Ryan Harper (the instagramless dark horse photographer of MNE) unloaded a roll on us and I have begun a campaign to get him back onto instagram so he can monetize his soul. 

- Blowout received the test press for their upcoming LP and we all listened and ate pizza. It was chill. The album is so good that I caught myself thinking I hope they don’t big time us when Geffen signs them. 

- GP5 zines were restocked in the store (only a couple left) and the album hit Spotify for all you streaming weenies out there. 

- Our official motivational speaker, Kyle B Hart announced he will be doing a TED Talk in Corvallis Feb 11th. Get motivated. Tix here.

- Ménage a sabre agreed to be join the MNE lexicon with their new album called PIZZA next week. I am very fond of their music and think a lot of people out in the big nothing world will like them too. I like to think of them (and their original band Bear Puns) as one of the four corner stones of the MNE slop genre.

- If you’ve been sleeping on it, the Ali Muhareb EP “Existentially Wasted” is an incredible psych pop journey through the mind of Portland’s finest, and its out now!

…And if you’re still one of those people who’s like “I don’t get it. What exactly is MNE?” That’s ok. You’ll learn. 

cartoon by Kyle B Hart

- W

Milk’s got saturday morning to himself. 

@Ryanmne’s new photos are some of my favorites, definitely worth checking:

Listening to the new Blowout record (coming this year from MNE and @laurenrecords !) with the band eating pizza! Omg!

The new EP by Weston Bookhouse “Fog and Farewell” is out today! Check it out HERE if you like high brow folk music, the melodic musings of a twenty something, and that classic mne slop feel. Weston Bookhouse and Walter Etc. will be doing a west coast tour this march! 

beauty when u least expect it


Yo! @ryanmne caught some sick photos of when it snowed the other week in Portland. Peep game. 

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WMAHMO is playing tomorrow night in Seattle with @swmrs at Chop Suey !! Last minute mayhem!

Sup playas, it says that the GP zine and CD are sold out. Can you please make more so I can buy them!?

Ok ok ok I just put 5 more in the store. Have at it!

New Weston Bookhouse EP “Fog and Farewell” coming out this Sunday Jan 24th!! Best thing those pseudo-hippies have put out IMHO.

woke up way too late to this sitting on ‘empty DVD cases’, half remember starting to cut things out very late last night. sweat through all my clothes. trying to start small and gradually…


Yo, make more little cousin. Shit is tight.

yo thanks. Milk and Walter are always coming with more don’t fret. 

Ali Muhareb crushing it last night at a packed Rontoms! Go check out his new music at the link in bio.