Sunday Night Salad Season 1 Finale featuring Hemingway! 

Blowout ripping (???) a new song the other night at the Analog Theater. Love this song/band/people and my current burrito. Exciting news soon! 

if i buy stuff off here will u guys write me a letter ?

yeah! if i package in the morning i’ll be jittery caffeinated and it will probably be longer and won’t make sense and hard to read. night time packaged orders get shorter more emotional letters. 

Why don't you guys ever come to Canada (calgary in particular)?

banned from the country but hey maybe they forgot about that little incident, i’ll check on that. put in a good word for us. 

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How I spent my summer vacation… Check the rhyme on #SundayNightSalad ep3 before the season finale this Sunday night. Link in bio, but will our names on Wikipedia one day have a link to their own page?

MNE photographer RYAN HARPER unloading a new roll like a misfit holiday upon the new world disorder.

MNE is proud to sponsor and co-host this year’s GROWING UP IS DUNK (Growing Up is Dumb) festival this winter in Socal. Benefits from these shirts will go towards the festival budget. Tickets will be on sale in the near future! Come watch WMAHMO play as well as us win the basketball tournament! Grab a shirt here. 

Sunday Night Salad Episode 3 featuring Sour Guy! 

Mobo brothers came by to play us some new tunes! Always a treasure.

Serenaded by Never Young in our bathroom last night. Thanks boys.

The editing train rolls on through the night.

Some coffee and Dick Diver in our living room today. Peak of my week.

yo, last night I (milk) went to a really tight show. i had only gotten like 2 hours of sleep the night before on the 16 (17? 18?) hour amtrak ride from oakland to pdx  so I was pretty out of it but i was’t gonna miss this show. i went with weston b-house and ryan (can’t wait to see his photos from the show) and drank a little cider to get that sugar energy liquid courage boost in me, but unfortunately missed the 2 locals (mr. bones [sorry asher] and pass). The rest of the lineup was insanely good. Never Young / Happy Diving / Tony Molina Band all really blew me away and made me want to actually get into playing guitar. i’ve never seen any of them before (except i’ve seen/played with calculator many many times and chill pill a few times lol) and it was tight. the sound and lights were very on point and everything came through nice and clear, shoutouts to bread (I think) from blowout for doing an excellent job with that.

The Pound Pit is such a great great great place for shows. i hope it sticks around for a very long time. so cool for those who live there (mostly members of blowout) to host these beautiful gatherings. i had a solo heatstick after the show in the backyard and reminisced on those kokomo shows we used to have and wished that i was living in a place where events like this could happen. maybe in the future ehhhhh 

this is a video of Happy Diving ripping a song. peace and doobies, i have much much to do. 

Was on a deep search in the MNE basement archives today looking for an old Patch Corduroy sonnet and I think I came across the only known Daydream Dystopia video in all of existence. A little Kale for ya. Will there ever be more? 

Summer subleaser slapping a summer song.

Sunday Night Salad Episode 2 featuring Blowout! 

Incase you didn’t attend the ultra secret, in house, invite only premier last night… #SundayNightSalad episode 2 is live now! Link in bio.

It made me feel cool 2 make the cover for my boys in maryland @abandcalledgump who had their new single drop along with nice write up on @pigsandplans today. go peep.

Ryan Harper just unloaded a few rolls for the world to peep on. 

Oh ya this happened. Thanks for the photos George