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MNE’s infamous snap chatter (acrawdog) and film maker recently got a new camera and took it out to the coast for a weekend to make his first vignette. Why did he call it “Hard to get Soft”? No idea. 

Here’s the true homie Kyle B Hart doing a live reading a few weeks ago, set to a Milk beat and edited by Alex Crawford. Doesn’t get much chiller than this. All you young fathers out there, hit up Kyle B to come do a live reading in a city near you! 

You refer to "The Void" a lot in your music and I just wanted to ask, what does it mean to you?

You know, some things are better explained in person…

Hemingway Summer Tour!!! Catch them in the heat and give Benny a hug!

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Couple shows with @ajjtheband this weekend! Tonight in Seattle @ Vera Project and tomorrow in Portland @ Analog Cafe woah nelly!!!

do u guys still blaze up

Depends who you’re asking my friend. Love the question though

This is what it feels like

Blowout recently premiered a NEW SONG over at FUSE!! You can pre-order their album from us on vinyl or cassette in the store! The record comes out in August and is a split release with Lauren Records. Woah!! Best MNE band?

All the homies they know what I mean.

Happy National Donut Day!! Here’s my top 3 fav donuts- 1. Maple Bar 2. Chocolate Old Fashion (dipped in milk) 3. Buttermilk Bar.

Also these shirts are restocked in the MNE store! 

Early to the party, stressing out the host.

Playing Analog Cafe tonight in pdx w/ @thehoteliergram, Loone, and Sabonis. Maybe this will begin my escape from the babysitters club.

Just restocked all sizes of those gray WMAHMO sweaters!! Pick one up from the store, or don’t and save your money for something more meaningful like a father’s day gift.

“So how’s life in Portland?”

New zine of art and poetry up in the store today! This one is full color, full monty, brought to you by the weirdo ladies Kate Sandstrom, Mary Pancakes, and Rachel Baker. Grab a copy in the store here while supplies last! 

I wish I cared more, I wish I had Buddhist brains

Me too homie me too

Grand evening friends! Tonight’s Fishbowl Session ft. Redlands, Ca’s I’m Glad It’s You. Great singing, great song writing, great spring morning on the front deck. Also he’s a very chill dude. Enjoy and stay weird.

Both my genies in the same room!!!

Friends don’t let friends become DJ’s.