WMAHMO band pic akron?

Walter Mitty and His Makeshift Orchestra

where – Portland, San Luis Obispo, Newport Beach, Thousand Oaks, Santa Cruz, Eugene, San Francisco, San Mateo, Santa Barbara

why – good excuse to hang out with each other and travel

how – through lots of group texts, coordinating schedules, and Baloo






where – Portland, OR
why – not even sure anymore
how – dumb luck, determination, and good communication with my muses

Alex Crawford

where – Portland, OR and also the scene in Point Break where Johnny Utah frustratedly fires his gun into the sky.
why – Trying to impress the opposite sex mostly. 90% of cool things were created to impress someone, whether consciously or unconsciously.
how – That initial moment when you see a lover you haven’t seen in days, weeks, months, or years (although this begs this question, could you go years without seeing a lover and still have them be a lover?). That feeling that overtakes the body and makes everything else not matter, like truly not matter because a lot of times we say “in that moment nothing else mattered” but in reality we still think about paying the bills and football scores during sex, prayer, and other supposedly important moments. Whatever that feeling is, that’s the feeling I hope to make you feel. That feeling right before sunset when the sky is spellbinding and anything seems possible. The feeling that the pregame is better than the party. That’s the feeling I want both of us to feel. It might never happen but it’d be cool if it did.

Instagram – @thedenindemon

Twitter – @dr_crawf



where- Portland, Oregon California.

why- Under the blessings of The Wiz, the four have vowed to thumbgun beers, pip flip and write celebratory sad songs with each other until the end of time.

how- Lots of duct tape and Yerba Mate.



Lauren records


Kyle B Hart

where – Right here, right now. It’s truly all we have, so pay very close attention to it.
why – To share knowledge, because if it’s not shared it’s wasted. To unite the people, because we are all in this mess together. To help other believe in themselves, because no one else will do it for you. To make a difference, because this is our only opportunity to do so.
how – Slowly, and with more patience than necessary. We perform at our highest by giving all our respect, attention, and desire to the process, not the product.
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Ali Muhareb

where- Cascadia

why- Impulse to create and amalgamate

how- Culling together influence and drum breaks from all around the world. I create soundscape collage to serve as the tinder for anxiety-laden bedroom pop songwriting.

Instagram- @amuhareb

Twitter- @memehareb



Menage A Sabre pic

Ménage à Sabre

where –  Charlottesville, Va and Los Altos, CA
why –  For the love of friends, music, art and good vibes
how – Beer, Bourbon, Caffeine, Pizza, etc.

Ryan Harper

where – Portland, OR
how – Contax T2

Russell Park

where – I’ve written songs all over, but primarily in the three places I’ve called “home”; Santa Cruz, San Luis Obispo and San Mateo. This generally occurs in a bedroom and this generally occurs at night.
why – I do it because it is an art that I am involuntarily drawn to. In my opinion, there’s nothing quite like the way that a great piece of music hits you when you’ve become acquainted with it. In that sense, it’s sort of a calling. There have been a plethora of influences along the way, but having friends with similar interests is indispensable to the creative process.
how – Still figuring out how, but it’s a process and there isn’t really a formula to it. You naturally develop slowly but surely and don’t realize it until you look back at different snapshots along the way. Most of the time it’s simply frustrating, however.

Sour Guy AKA Kris Schobert

where – Eugene, Oregon and Southern California.
why – Because I love making, playing and sharing music.
how – It started with dancing the Macarena alongside my mom as a toddler. In middle/high school, I played the drums in Paddy Wagon, a punk rock band consisting of Jake, Walter, and myself. Nowadays, I play the drums, percussion, and occasionally  some other instruments in Walter Mitty and His Makeshift Orchestra. I also have my one-man band Sour Guy.

CM Stassel

where – Mainly in the kitchen, but also at my desk.  Sometimes in the shower, too.
why – Because it feels good.
how – Slowly, very slowly at all hours day or night.  If I could choose I would want a solid grip of hours in the middle of my day, five days a week.  I can’t choose, yet.  Don’t have the luxury.

Benjamin Ward

where – I don’t know.

why – I don’t know.

how – I don’t care.

Instagram – @unloveable

Twitter – @hemingwaypdx


Francis Mayflower

where – in the Palm of Providence
why – to fill the Void, of course, but mainly to buy a plot of land near the ocean and get some Queace and Piet, for the love of surf rock and poppy seeds, the Duddha, and Patch Corduroy
how – however the Tide intends